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Our Team

Our Team

Lori Lozinski

Litigation Design Specialist

Vikashni Pooni

Senior Trial Support Consultant and Owner

Tracy Scruggs

Trial Support Consultant

Alexandra Roybal

Trial Support Consultant

Clients About Us

working together to serve your needs

Vikashni was hired to assist in a complex arbitration.  She and her team assisted with all technological aspects of managing and sorting through discovery.   Vikashni and her team also helped compile and present the exhibits at the hearing.  The technical abilities of Vikashni and her team were fantastic and she was able to offer us solutions to problems that we did not even even know we had.  Moreover, the presentation of exhibits at the hearing, performed by Willow, was excellent.  Willow anticipated our thoughts and line of questions and displayed and highlighted exhibits with perfect timing.  The level of service that we received from Vikashni and her team could only be accomplished by someone with deep litigation and trial experience.  Prior to working with Vikashni and her team, I did not see a need for a trial paralegal, but after working with her, I cannot imagine doing another trial without her help.

Michael Martinovsky ,

Martinovsky Law

I recently worked with the Vash Legal team in connection with a 16-day AAA arbitration proceeding before a three-judge panel. Vikashni and her team assisted in assembling all exhibits and deposition excerpts and managing the exhibits during the evidentiary hearing. All counsel, including opposing counsel, and the panel were incredibly impressed with the efficiency and quality demonstrated by the Vash Legal team. Frankly, I cannot imagine ever again going into trial without their assistance. I wholeheartedly recommend Vash Legal for paralegal and trial tech services.

Jessica Taran ,

Taran Law

Client is happy so I am extremely happy and super excited for our friendship and working relationship in the future!! Vikashni Pooni has done an exceptional job for our clients and I cannot wait for her to come back to Florida and work on many more trials in the future! Thank you Vikashni!

Denisse Higgins Tuffley ,


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