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Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Off Site Office (War Room) Logistics

Do you have a trial that is not near your office? We can take care of locating and booking hotel rooms for your trial team, and can take care of off site office logistics (war room). Let us find the right space that fits your budget. We also provide office equipment rental and can take care of ordering meals. Take the stress off!

trial graphics and support services

The best way to demonstrate what you are saying and keep your jury’s attention with the Trial Graphics. Let us assist you with preparing graphics for your opening statement, closing statement and testimonies. We are experienced with PowerPoint presentations and preparing animations.

Mock Trials and Focus Groups

Have a Mock trial or Focus Group coming up? We have experience in providing Trial Technician support for virtual mock trials & focus groups. We will coordinate breakout rooms, record and provide a transcript of the mock trial and deliberations. For in-person mock trials, contact us to provide Trial Technician support and necessary equipment.

Trial Technician - Trial Hot Seat Fairfield, CA

Get trial support by hiring our experienced Trial Technicians to present exhibits & evidence with state-of-the-art technology, prepare and present video and deposition clips, provide courtroom equipment, and assist with remote witness testimony, hybrid and remote hearings.

Paralegal Services Santa Clarita County

Our company also provides experienced Paralegal assistance for pre-trial assistance and trial support combined with Trial Technician services. We can assist with preparing trial exhibit lists, trial exhibit branding and bates numbering, drafting jury instructions, trial subpoenas, and pre-trial filings.

Litigation Support Services Alameda County

Need assistance with mandatory trial binders to lodge with court and exchange with parties? We can take care of preparing trial exhibit binders, preparing deposition binders, and any other trial binders you may need to ensure you have all the documents you need in court.

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